Clayshape, Wivenhoe
Hand Building, Throwing On The Potter’s Wheel And Decorating.

The Fun Stuff:

A great opportunity for adults and children of all ages to explore clay in its many forms. Each person will hand build a masterpiece and decorate it using coloured slips (runny, coloured clay). 

A theme is arranged with the Master Potter Nic Jones or Sarah Waters and can vary according to the adult or children in each class. We take into account beginners, intermediate and more advanced students, their inspiration, ideas on the day, annual holidays, interests and we even hold an inspiration folder, for soggy brain days.

The potter will guide each class individually. 

Hand building:

We can build almost anything. Jugs, mugs, figures, plates, monsters, bowls, fairy and monster houses, pet bowls t-Lights. 

In addition, everyone will have an opportunity to throw a pot on the potter’s wheel with dedicated support. We have two potter’s wheels however, with children’s classes we limit the ratio to 1:1. Pottery wheels are, after all machinery. With adult’s classes we have the freedom of 1:2. 

Each class includes guided tuition, history of clay, science of clay, stoneware clay, coloured slips, two kiln firings and clear glaze. Each session includes hand building, wheel throwing, mess making, laughter and fun! 

Coloured Slips and Glaze and Kiln:

We highly recommend our coloured slips. The student can brush coloured slip directly onto greenware (unfired) clay at the time of building, you are in control and it means you will finish the work before the end of the two hour session.

Your masterpiece is then dried on our drying shelves.  (Up to three weeks).

The work is then bisque fired (the first of two kiln firings) in our electric kiln. 


The next step: A clear stoneware (shiny and food safe) glaze can be added over the top. The master piece is then high fired to 1260 degrees. Each firing takes approx. twenty four hours. 

If you wish to use glazes, the student will be required to return to the studio, after the initial bisque firing, to glaze their own work. Please speak to the Master Potter, as this is an additional fee, resources and time to be scheduled.  


Duration and Costs: 

Adults and family classes run for two hours. Children only classes are 1.5 hours. 


Scheduled time slots for Saturday's:

10:30 to 12:30 (Children finish at 12:00)

13:00 to 15:00 (Children finish at 14:30)

15:30 to 17:00 (Children finish at 16:30) 

18:00 to 20:00 (Adults only session). 

Booking and costs:

Please email or phone 0752252195


96 The Avenue





Opening Times: 

Wednesday to Saturday 

10am to 4pm


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